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Code Name Role Rank Primary Military Specialty Secondary Military Specialty Status
Blowtorch Flamethrower E-4 Infantry Special Weapons Small Arms Armorer NPC
Grand Slam Laser Artillery E-5 Artillery Electronics Engineer NPC
Roadblock Heavy Machine Gunner E-6 Infantry Heavy Weapons Cook PC
Snake Eyes Commando/Ninja E-7 Infantry Hand to Hand Combat Instructor PC
Dialtone Communications E-4 Radio Telecommunications Infantry NPC
Mainframe Computer Specialist E-5 Computer Technology Infantry NPC
Countdown Astronaut O-3
Astronaut/Fighter Pilot Electronics Engineer NPC
Angel Airborne E-4 Airborne Infantry Demolitions PC
Coyote SEAL E-7
SEAL/EOD Marine Biology PC
Hand-To-Hand Unarmed Combat Specialist E-9 (USMC) Hand to Hand Combat Instructor Covert Insertion PC
Kilroy SWAT   Urban Combat/SWAT Interrogation PC
Code Name Role Rank Primary Military Specialty Secondary Military Specialty Status
Shadow Shapeshifter None Intelligence Classified PC
Hotspot Special Forces Colonel Covert Operations Survivalist PC

Blue Entries indicate NPCs that have been used, but may be used again by any player.

Red Entries indicate NPCs or PCs that are currently in use by a specific player. These may not be used by anyone other than the player requesting their use.

Yellow Entries indicate NPCs in use by a GM in a mission. Obtain permission before use.

A "PC", or Player Character, is a character controlled by a specific player. They are using it as one of their primary characters, and it is not available for use at this time.

An "NPC" is a Non-Playing Character. They are mentioned or even spoken to, shot at, etc., as the plot requires. They may be controlled by a certain player or be open to all to use. You may always use any character that is not listed here. Just notify the webmaster of their use and status, and this roster will be updated as soon as is possible.