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Mission Team Briefing: G.I. Joe Team Briefing: Cobra
First, Bludd.

Status: Open


Mission Profile:
Snake Eyes and some new Joes head down to New Zealand to test their worth against Cobras latest threat. Can they uncover the latest scheme and save the free world from more terrorism?

Players: Angel, Snake Eyes, Hand-To-Hand, Hot Spot, Coyote, Shadow, Kilroy

NPC Support: Dial Tone, Mainframe, Countdown, Shockwave

Mission Profile:
A powerful device has been stolen that is worth millions to the right buyer. Major Bludd and a CG Elite named Devourer must get it delivered to their New Zealand base to make a copy of it before it is sold to the highest bidder.

Players: Major Bludd, Devourer

NPC Support: The Legions of Cobra!

Roadblock's Revenge.

Status: Closed

GM: Roadblock

Mission Profile:
Sighting an old enemy, Roadblock takes off to see about extracting a little vengeance.

Players: Roadblock


Boldfaced Names indicate the team's leader, if one has been designated.
Yellow names indicate characters controlled by the GM.
Open Missions are accepting new players. You may join on to this mission by letting the GM know you are interested and submitting a file card for approval.
Closed Missions may not be joined unless very special circumstances are set up to allow it. Some people may have a private or solo mission to conduct.