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Welcome to the GI Joe RPG.

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Last update:01/24/03


This site serves to catalog and display information about the GIJoeRPG e-mail group. Our group's goal is simple: to have fun roleplaying in the world of GI Joe. The rules are simple, and we help each other create them. Hopefully we can find a balance between what each person likes and make it work.

How it works: Each player selects an existing character from the GI Joe comics, toys or cartoons, or creates one of their own. The player then writes out the actions of the character(s) they are playing, and e-mails it to the groups mailing list (a free service provided by Yahoogroups). Any player who has a character in that same mission can also send in their character's actions, reactions, and perceptions of the situation. Together, we create and roleplay out a mission, be it for the Joes, Cobra, or any other organization. Think of it as interactive creative writing. Active Missions can be viewed by clicking on the images above.

A GM (Game Master) may be selected from among the players to run a particular mission. The GM helps keep the story on track and makes sure everyone has something to do in that mission. You can always ask a GM about joining their mission, or for advice on where to go with a storyline.

If you don't like the looks of one mission, please feel free to start your own. If you need help, watch for awhile, you'll see how it works pretty fast. You can always ask for help. We'll try to hook you up. We keep it simple and free-form so hopefully everyone can enjoy themselves. There are a few ground rules, and

Please take a look at the roster to see what Joe and Cobra regulars are currently being played. You may post as anyone not listed in red. Those characters are being actively played or NPCed part time by someone involved in a mission. You can always make up your own character, and or start using someone who isn't listed. Ask the list first if this site is more than a month out of date.

Note that the list creator/moderator is not currently involved with the RPG at this time. You will be responsible for adding and removing yourself from the list. Check out the "how to join" section to see how to get subscribed.

Hasbro has no involvement with this list at this time, only Joe fans. We may not be of help if you are looking for info on the toys, unless you want the backstory on a particular character or vehicle. If that's your interest, I recommend

Images appear here thanks to the Ultimate GI JOE Cartoon Website! Please check them out!

Now, on with the game!